Application orientation year

What is it?

If you think about pursuing a career in the Netherlands after graduation, you can apply for an Orientation year residence permit. This residence permit gives you the opportunity to find a job within one year after obtaining your degree. In that year, you don’t need a work permit to work in the Netherlands.

Terms and conditions

  • You can apply for the orientation year residence permit within three years after you have graduated, either from your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD.
  • While you are searching for a job you will have to finance your stay in the Netherlands yourself, either using your own funds, a financial sponsor or by finding other (temporary) employment. You are not allowed to claim state benefits.
  • The orientation year visa is only valid for one year and cannot be extended.
  • You can apply for the orientation year visa after every degree (Bachelor, Master or Post-Master's) that you complete in the Netherlands. For example: you have finished your Bachelor’s and have applied for an orientation year visa to work. During that year, you decide to apply for a Master’s degree. To be able to follow the Master’s, you get a new residence permit for study purposes. After completing the Master’s degree, you can apply for another orientation year visa to look for work.
  • The application fee for the orientation year can be found on the IND website (linked below).

More information about the procedure and needed documents can be found here: