Academic progress check

What and why

Part of the requirements for your residence permit is that you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards your degree for each year in which you are enrolled. This means that you must obtain at least 50% of the ECTS that you can obtain in one academic year. This policy applies to all non-EU/EEA students who have a residence permit for study purposes.

Consequences of having insufficient study progress

If you haven’t met the 50% ECTS requirement over the academic year, in September, you will receive an official letter regarding UU’s intention to deregister you at the IND due to insufficient study progress. This letter will explain the consequences and provides information on the possibilities for submitting an appeal if you feel the details provided in the letter are incorrect.

Please note that having insufficient study progress means that you’re no longer allowed to study at UU, even if it would be on a different study programme.

Preventing issues

In the case of exceptional personal circumstances, the insufficient study results might be overlooked. If this applies to your situation, then please inform your study advisor immediately. They can offer you advice on how to prevent further study delay and how to move forward.