Managing Your Mental Health Abroad

The first few months of University can be quite overwhelming for students. This could be due to many reasons. For international students, it maybe the first time they are away from friends and family over such a long distance for a long period of time. Leaving behind everyone and coming to a different country to follow your dream goals is quite a sacrifice and it can be overwhelming to adjust to a new lifestyle, workload and even a totally different culture (which it was in the case for me). Getting used to academic life, meeting deadlines and studying for exams while balancing time to spend with your friends or your hobbies can be tricky at first. And sometimes, you might hit a low if you don’t take good care of yourself. Both your body and mind are important and good physical and mental health is key to get through this new phase of your life!

There are 4 things needed for a happy life in university. Planning well, eating healthy food and exercise, quality sleep, and most importantly, a good circle of friends.