Health insurance

Dutch law requires that everyone living in The Netherlands has adequate health insurance. You will therefore need to take out an adequate health insurance before you come to The Netherlands.

If you will do an Utrecht University Bachelor or Master’s programme, your insurance must cover at least the first twelve months of your stay (February 1st 2020 to Febraury 1st 2021). If you are an exchange student, your insurance must cover at least your official exchange period at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. 

Please note, the start date of the insurance coverage needs to be February 1st 2019. Earlier is advised if you plan to travel into the Netherlands before February 1st, but not mandatory for the visa/residence permit application.

Utrecht University has made a special agreement with the AON, resulting in the AON ICS Complete+ package which meets all legal requirements in the Netherlands. We only recommend AON, however it is not mandatory. Insurances from your home country can be accepted if they meet the requirements below. 

The AON premium is approximately € 56 per month. Visit the website for more information about the conditions. Need help with applying for AON? Call +31 (0) 10 448 82 70

Other insurances, for instance one from your home country, rarely meet the immigration criteria. As medical costs are high in The Netherlands, your insurance must be able to cover medical expenses at cost. That means we recommend there is no limit to the amount that will be covered for e.g. a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation. We will only accept your insurance, if it also provides coverage for (regardless whether you actually need them) all of the following:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • (Pre-existing) psychological conditions
  • Medical costs for a minimum of  € 500.000

For your residence permit application you need to provide a copy of your health insurance card and insurance policy (in Dutch, English, French or German).  If you take out the AON ICS Complete + insurance, a copy of your AON certificate  suffices. You will be able to download this pdf file in your AON account.