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Searching on the private market

The largest share of student housing in Utrecht is provided by private home owners. You can find these listings by searching housing platforms, by registering with a rental agency or enquiring with private or commercial landlords for a place to stay. The offers, links and platforms below are not part of the Reserved Accommodation Programme. The accommodation is not owned or checked by Utrecht University, this is a referral service only. This means that you must come to an agreement in direct contact with the housing provider without interference of Utrecht University. Always remain aware of potential scams and fake offers during your search, especially on platforms and social media. Follow this link for more information on how to avoid scammers.

Currently available on the private market: furnished apartment via

Domvast agency currently has a fully furnished two room apartment available in Utrecht at Van Heuven Goedhartlaan. It is suitable for a single tenant or a couple (not for house sharing). If interested, mention in the subject field of your email that are a UU-student, they will try to handle your message with priority. Note that they may need proof that you can afford the rent.

Type of accommodation
  • Two room apartment for single tenant or couple
  • Monthly rent: 720 euros excluding and 1.225 euros including internet, TV, a laundry room and including utilities (water, gas/heating, electricity)
  • Follow this link to the Domvast ad
Domvast: Rental period

6 months or longer

Domvast: Apply / contact

Rooms via Project Stroet (waiting list)

Private property owner Project Stroet manages a limited number of single furnished rooms in the Dijnselburg Estate in Zeist. The rooms are approximately 9 m2 and are on mixed gender floors with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. The rental price is 464 euros including utilities per month. Follow this link for the location. If you are interested in renting this option it is possible to apply for the waiting list via the instructions below.

Rental period

Minimum of 5 months, maximum of 12 months


International UU student

More information/apply
  • Click here to download the information provided by Project Stroet
  • Click here to download Project Stroet's application form
Contact or call +31 34 655 7162 (9.00 - 17.00)