Study landscape

The faculty offers a wide range of facilities for study or for finding information. One of these facilities is the study landscape. It offers individual study spaces with or without computers, and group work areas where students can gather to work on group projects. It also features a library and an information desk.

Here, the student can work on his or her tasks amid beautiful specimens, models, skeletons, reading desks and book cases full of study materials. The faculty is very proud of this inspiring study area.

The ground floor is home to book cases where students can find all of the written study materials, arranged according to block period. The yellow cabinets against the walls of the seminar rooms hold specimens that the students can use to prepare for seminars or other study purposes. Each block has its own cabinet or section of a cabinet.

On the first floor, the specimens are arranged according to Master’s programme and by animal species, with areas for Companion Animal Health, Equine Health and Farm Animal Health.