Sabine van der Laan and Sophie Merckelbach

Sabine van der Laan en Sophie Merckelbach van Apollo Society.

Sabine van der Laan and Sophie Merckelbach  are nominated for the student award Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements 2017.

Many future physician-researchers see the necessity of narrowing the gap between university and patient and are willing to do something about it too.

Sophie Merckelbach and Sabine van der Laan are the driving forces behind the Apollo Society. This society, international at this point, organizes lectures and seminars for motivated medical students. Not only to broaden their horizon, but also to offer the possibility to discuss subjects on a more in-depth level.Their focus lies on stimulating relevant, patient oriented research.

Nominated for

Founding Apollo Society: for and by motivated medical students. Goal: to increase awareness of the patient's position in medical research.

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