Top lecturers and top students

College, foto UU/Kees Rutten
Maarten Prak, lecturer prize-winner 2013-2014, with students

Each year, awards are presented to a number of top lecturers and students of Utrecht University for their special achievements.

Teacher Awards

The Executive Board annually presents two prestigious Teacher Awards to the best lecturers and the best young lecturer talents.  The candidates are nominated by study societies, and a jury made up of lecturers and students select the winners.

Student Awards

Many students of Utrecht University deliver excellent results in the field of their studies or beyond. The Student Awards offer recognition for academic excellence and social engagement.

  • Best Master's Thesis: the award for the best Master's thesis is presented each year during the official opening of the academic year.
  • Exceptional Extracurricular or Social Achievements Award: during the opening of the academic year an award is also presented to a UU student or group of UU students that has excelled in extracurricular and/or social activities .
  • Faculty Thesis Awards: the Faculties of Humanities and Social and Behavioural Sciences reward the best thesis within their faculty with a Thesis Award
  • Eindhoven-Utrecht Science and Technology Student Award: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) and Utrecht University have jointly instituted two awards.¬† These awards are designed to encourage and reward students who make use of the complementary knowledge gained at Eindhoven and Utrecht in an original way. One of the awards is for the best Bachelor's thesis and the other for the best Master's thesis.

Teaching Academy Utrecht University

The Teaching Academy Utrecht University (TAUU) is a network for and by all lecturers at Utrecht University.

TAUU's mission is to improve the quality of university education.