Student talent: Tim Busker

Past January, freshman master's student Earth, Surface and Water Tim Busker won a scholarship from the Topsector Water, just like Laura Coumou.

Thanks to this scholarship, his tuition fees will be covered for the next two years. In return, he will be required to be an ambassador for the water sector. He will, among other things, educate students on primary schools, high schools and universities on the importance of water. He will also have the chance to visit conferences, events and corporations.

The extreme water challenges of this century will confront the next generation young water professionals with unprecedented responsibilities

Tim is very interested in flood risks. For his bachelor's thesis, he was in Indonesia to investigate how green structures, such as parks, could be utilized better to collect rainwater in cities. His internship provider, Unesco's Institute for Water Education, appears to include the results of Tim's research in its programme.

Tim: 'The Netherlands have a big headstart in water-management expertise. It motivates me to think I can add to that and that other, primarily poorer, countries can benefit from that.'

Tim Busker, winner of a scholarship from the Topsector Water.
Tim Busker, winner of the Water Scholarship 2016 Topsector Water.

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