Good education depends on the quality of lecturers. High-quality university education starts with expert lecturers, who are trained as both researchers and lecturers.


Utrecht University is the first university in the Netherlands to introduce teaching qualifications.  In fact, it has made the Basic Teaching Qualification mandatory for all its lecturers. Following in the footsteps of Utrecht University, all other Dutch universities have also adopted this policy.


The University-wide Educate-it programme supports teachers as they future-proof and enhance their teaching practice. It helps teachers innovate their teaching practice by incorporating blended learning and using the available IT tools to engage students and clear the logjams that obstruct effective teaching. At the site Educate-it they can find all the information.


Academics who have obtained at least the Basic Teaching Qualification may be selected for the range of professionalisation courses offered by the Centre of Excellence in University Teaching. The Centre offers masterclasses and courses in the areas of educational leadership, teaching Honours programmes, teaching in English and quality assurance.


Utrecht University sees the exchange of knowledge, whether this is between lecturers or between students and lecturers, as an essential condition for improving the quality of education. A number of tools have been developed for this purpose.

Education Parade

The Education Parade (Onderwijsparade) is an annual platform for exchanging experiences, transferring knowledge and discussing quality and developments in education. Both students and lecturers take part in the Education Parade.

Teaching Academy Utrecht University

Any UU lecturer who has questions or is looking for more in-depth clarification may contact the Teaching Academy Utrecht University (TAUU). This is a network of Utrecht University lecturers.

The TAUU website is both an online community run for and by the lecturers of Utrecht University as well as an information knowledge bank for lecturers. A TAUU magazine is also distributed monthly. Furthermore, TAUU organises a number of meetings each month for lecturers to discuss various topics.