If you grow up in a family in which other family members have studied, you tend to hear many different stories about the university. If your family members haven't progressed into higher education, on the other hand, you sometimes lack this information.

Pupils who are the first in their family to attend university are introduced to students and the university.

Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the university at all and don't really know what goes on there, or perhaps you think that university is probably not for you.

In this way, the pupils will gain a role model and a bigger picture of the university. Not because they have to attend university at all costs, but just to show them the possibilities. After all, you certainly won't want to become what you don't know!

In previous school years, Debuut was a buddy program: we matched students with pupils, together they spent six months together getting to know Utrecht University. In the 2020-2021 school year, we will adapt to the current situation and organise Debuut in a different way.

Debuut Live

Debuut Live

We are working together with the Brede School Academie Utrecht (BSA). In each teaching block of the BSA, we include a YouTube live stream with a student or researcher working on the theme the children are working on that block. The children hear in advance who is coming, can send questions for him / her and also ask questions live in the chat.

The researcher and students often have a migration background, to give as much recognition as possible. After the livestream ends, the video will remain available on our YouTube channel.

About the BSA

The BSA is an inspiring place where children are given the opportunity to realise their learning potential. The BSA is intended for motivated children with talent from grade 6 up to the first grade, whose command of the Dutch language lags behind their learning potential and ambition.

To allow the undeniable talent of these children to flourish, the BSA offers an after-school program in which free reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion and knowledge of the world are important. At the same time, the BSA stimulates an intellectual culture of curiosity, pleasure in learning and sets high standards for commitment and performance. The idea behind this is that talent is not only a matter of ability, but also of willingness and persistence.

Inclusion & diversity

Utrecht University also organises other diversity-related initiatives. More information is available on the website of the Diversity Task Force.

Would you like to know more?

We would be happy to tell you more about our experiences with Debuut and the other programmes offered by the Wetenschapsknooppunt (Science Hub). You can find our contact details here.

We can make Debuut Live with support from The Right To Learn Fund, which supports initiatives and projects aimed at helping refugees and other disadvantaged people develop their talents to the full.