Sharing Knowledge

Advice on interdisciplinary and innovative education

The staff of the School of Liberal Arts has many years of experience in educational innovations in university degree programmes. They are happy to share their experience of various good practices, such as:

  • Interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity for Bachelor's students.
    How do you teach students to cope with the differences and similarities between various academic disciplines?
  • Writing skills for students who are new to academic studies.
    We can advise on and assist in the development of assignments, teaching instruments and learning continuity pathways.
  • 21st century skills in academic education.
    How do students develop creativity, media literacy and social and cultural skills? And how do you stimulate their capacity for critical thinking, cooperation and problem solving?
  • Integrating social relevance, career orientation and knowledge transfer in academic education.
    We can advise on assignments (such as creating a portfolio), courses, reflection methods, supervising internships and integrating alumni in the teaching programme.

A TCS student in your company

Are you looking for an independent, creative student with good problem-solving skills? For an intern with specialised knowledge and skills in language, culture, media or history, but who also has insight into the social and academic context of his or her knowledge? Then please contact us.