Roel Wouters

Roel Wouters is nominated for the Best Master's Thesis 2016.

If my DNA shows that my family have a high risk of hereditary cancer, I have a duty to warn them.

A patient from Roel's investigation

DNA tests conducted on cancer patients in order to effectively suppress tumour growth also provide a wealth of information about increased risk for other diseases. Patients can choose if they wish to hear these results or not, but their choice has an impact not only on themselves but on their families as well. Patients find it extremely difficult to tell their families about these results. In his thesis, Roel studied the patient's and physician's responsibility in this ethical dilemma.


Master Medicine

Thesis title

Am I my family’s keeper?

Portret van Roel Wouters.
Roel Wouters. Photo by Kees Rutten.

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