Seminars, working groups or computer practicals

The students could work independently on the assignments at home while further information is published online. This can be combined with, for example

  1. having students record a short pitch for presenting the assignment,
  2. conversations between students and the professor(s) via discussion board or via chat function,
  3. turning in (partial) assignments.

For an online meeting (with several people), video calls (also 1 op1) or to work together on an assignment in an online text editor, we recommend using Microsoft Teams (Office 365). Anyone with a UU Solis ID can log in. In addition, files can be shared and stored in Teams. View the manual Teams in teaching.

More information about using Teams:

Redesigning your existing course into an online variant? Read the step-by-step plan (written by O&T) or take part in the module (Re)design your teaching in times of corona.


Tips from Education advice & Training about giving an online seminar: 

Convert your course to an online version? Read the manual  or take part in the course (Re)design your education during corona times