(Remote) testing

Remote testing

The period 4 exams, as in period 3, will be taken at a distance as much as possible. Because of this, many exams will have to be converted to alternative forms of testing. If you are going to use other testing methods than those mentioned in the course description, please coordinate this with the Examination Board of the programme. For a small number of courses the examination will be a knowledge test, which obviously cannot be converted into an alternative test. 

Online proctoring is only used when knowledge is being tested and alternatives are virtually impossible. As much as possible, we are working with tests in the form of open book exams, take home exams, essays or an oral exam. If other forms of testing than stated in the course description are used, this must be coordinated with the Examination Board of the program.

Tips by Onderwijsadvies & Training:

Online proctoring

Online proctoring is a form of online surveillance during a digital test that allows an exam to be taken independent of location. Two recordings are made during this process:

  1. a recording of the student via a camera (webcam);
  2. the student's screen (screen capture).

Software is used to gain temporary access to the computer to prevent a student from opening other screens.