• If there are previous recordings (of the previous year), these can be used, possibly supplemented with an update (written or recorded) by teachers. This is shared via the digital learning environment.
  • Students can also study the material independently at home, with the instructor available for questions via a discussion board, chat, or via email.
  • Another option is to make the material digitally available via (live) streaming or knowledge clips.

(Live) streams

A lecture can be streamed live from home to 250 students via Microsoft Teams (Office 365). You can record the lecture stream (simultaneously) via Teams, so that students can watch the lecture at a later time. View the manual Teams for Education.

  • Lectures are preferably recorded at home. If lecturers in the UU wish to have a recording made of their lecture, they must first contact FSC AV (fsc.av@uu.nl).
  • To help you on your way, teachers can, upon request, have a lecture streamed once from the Ruppert building with instructions and AV equipment. You can make an application via fsc.av@uu.nl.
  • A limited number of AV resources such as webcams and speakerphones are available to lecturers. If you need these AV equipment in order to be able to digitally design your lecture, we will help you with this. If you are already familiar with digitalising your teaching but you are missing certain AV equipment, please send an e-mail to fsc.av@uu.nl. The missing AV equipment can then be delivered to your home.
  • Make your lecture/presentation interactive with, for example, Mentimeter.

Knowledge clips

  • A  knowledge clip is a short video of 5 to 10 minutes on one specific topic.
  • You can record knowledge clips at home on your own laptop. 
  • From 29 June it is also possible to record knowledge clips in a limited number of studios at the UU. Send an e-mail to the Support Desk of Educate-it to make a reservation for one of these studios.
  • For additional didactic advice on how to make a good knowledge clip and how to write a script, the Support Desk of Educate-it can refer you to an available educational expert of Educate-it or Educational Consultancy & Professional Development (O&T). 
  • Onderwijsadvies & Training shares several ways in which can you use knowledge clips in your education and what to be aware of.
  • You can record a knowledge clip with Mediasite. Please note that Mediasite unfortunately does not work with the latest version of MacOS Catalina (10.15).
  • You can also record a knowledge clip or lecture via PowerPoint. With different versions of PowerPoint, such as Office 365, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, it is possible to convert your slideshow into a slideshow with spoken text. Consult the manual recording a lecture in PPT
  • You can enrich knowledge clips by offering videos with integrated practice questions and discussion topics, for example with FeedbackFruits Interactive.

Redesigning your existing course into an online variant? Read the step-by-step plan (written by O&T) or take part in the module (Re)design your teaching in times of corona.