Education for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is receiving increasing attention within the academic programmes offered at Utrecht University. By following specific courses or internships, students and other interested parties can prepare themselves for a career as an entrepreneur.

Preparing for a career as an entrepreneur

In addition, there are various facilities and forms of supervision available for starting entrepreneurs.


Start your business with success at UtrechtInc! The university incubator offers different levels of support. From workspaces, trainings and potential co-founders, to an intensive program with funding, mentors, masterclasses and feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. What can UtrechtInc offer you?


Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship connects all activities on entrepreneurship education and research at Utrecht University. We believe in supporting ‘entrepreneurship to make a difference’, where the university becomes an empowering environment that supports students and staff to creatively pursue new opportunities, possibilities and innovations. As a centre of expertise, we encourage the development of relevant coursesprogrammes and co-curricular activities and provide information and inspiration.

IT Incubator: Netherware

The Department of Information and Computing Science's IT Incubator, known as 'Netherware', provides courses in IT entrepreneurship and guidance for students in starting up their own IT company.