Milad Tannazi

Milad Tannazi is nominated for the award Exceptional Achievements 2016 because of his project Avicenna Excellence Program.

As students with a medical background, we had very little contact with businesses in the field or with other disciplines during the degree. We came up with the idea to launch a multidisciplinary programme where students can learn from each other as well as from professional practitioners.

Milad Tannazi launched the Avicenna Excellence Program in with Hosseen Sadeghi. The programme brings together students from wide-ranging fields, such as medicine, pharmacy and law, to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration to address current problems affecting the Dutch healthcare sector.

Milad was also nominated on account of his various ancillary activities, and in particular his initiative to found FarmaNieuws Video, a low-threshold communication medium for pharmacy students.


Milad Tannazi, student pharmacy and co-founder of the Avicenna Excellence Program.

Portret van Milad Tannazi.
Milad Tannazi. Photo by Kees Rutten.

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