Student talent: Laura Coumou

Past January, freshman master's student Earth, Surface and Water Laura Coumou won a scholarship from the Topsector Water, just like Tim Busker.

Thanks to this scholarship, her tuition fees will be covered for the next two years. In return, she will be required to be an ambassador for the water sector. She will, among other things, educate students on primary schools, high schools and universities on the importance of water. She will also have the chance to visit conferences, events and corporations.

Water shapes the world: our goal is to understand this complex process to solve future water challenges like sea level rise

Laura is fascinated by rivers and coasts. 'I grew up in Gouda. As a child, I saw a measuring pole in a polder that showed we were almost seven metres below sea level. That we would be under water if it wasn't for the dams, impressed me deeply.'

For her bachelor's thesis, she developed an automated method to chart changes in the sand flat of the Western Scheldt. These changes are important for determining how much sand can be dredged. 'Afterwards, it turned out that Rijkswaterstaat can really use that method!'

Laura Choumou, winnaar van de Water Scholarship 2016 Topsector Water.
Laura Coumou, winner of the Water Scholarship 2016 Topsector Water.

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