Language proficiency of the UU student


Faculties Humanities/Science/LEG

In this project, five undergraduate programmes in three faculties are tackling the problem of Utrecht University students' language proficiency. The project focuses on four problems in undergraduate studies: the level achieved by a substantial group of students on arrival is too low; the attainment levels for the skills are not sufficiently specific; the curriculum is often unclear with regard to when the skills are developed; the mechanisms used by lecturers to assess these skills and give feedback are not up-to-date. This results in unnecessary student drop-outs, students falling behind with their studies, a reduced study success rate and a final attainment level that is too low. The project will result in a better focus on language proficiency during the matching process and the development of language proficiency within the curriculum through systematic instruction, practice and feedback. Instruments will also be used that enable students to measure their own level and take measures to improve it.