Student talent: Karin van Trijp

At the start of every academic year, Utrecht University presents two awards: the "Best Master's Thesis Award" and the "Social-Achievements Award". In 2015, Karin van Trijp won the award for the latter category.

Of all the nominees, master's student at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Karin was unanimously chosen by the jury to be the winner. The jury describes her personality and range of activities with these words: initiating, selfless and driven.

The best environment for personal development is outside your comfort zone

In 2012, Karin, then a bachelor's student, participates in a project to give Bulgarian orphans an unforgettable vacation. One year later, Karin has taken charge and continues the project as part of the Stichting Wees een Lach (Foundation Be a Laugh). Within a short time span, she professionalizes the Stichting with a passion and establishes a solid foundation and continuity.

Karin van Trijp, winner of the 2015 Social-Achievements Award.
Karin van Trijp, winner of the Exceptional Extra-Curricular or Social Achievements-Award 2014-2015

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