Jochem Wijten

Jochem Wijten is nominated for the Best Master's Thesis 2016.

Solar energy which is chemically stored by, for instance, separating water into oxygen and hydrogen, can be stored for years.

In his research Jochem proved that metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can contribute to the more efficient storage of solar energy. Rather than storing solar energy in large batteries, it can now also be stored chemically by, for instance, separating water into oxygen and hydrogen. MOFs, a new category of nanomaterials, can accelerate the separation of water, and furthermore are safe, inexpensive and sustainable. This is an important step in the development of cleaner energy sources.


Master Nanomaterials Science

Thesis title

Development of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Photocatalytic applications.

Jochem Wijten.
Jochem Wijten. Photo by Kees Rutten.

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