Get involved in Incluusion as a student

Are you a student and do you want to contribute to the academic integration of refugee students at Utrecht University? Incluusion has launched a buddy system to help them to get used to everyday life at Utrecht University. In return, you might get new experiences, new perspectives, and who knows, maybe even a new friend!

Incluusion student Yves Faustin Nahimana from Burundi shares his experiences with Incluusion and his buddy student.

Being a buddy student will take up to two hours a week during which you can help the students in various ways:


  • For one term of approximately ten weeks (or longer, if you wish) you will be paired up with a refugee;
  • You offer a guided tour through the university facilities, such as the library and the student;
  • You explain how bachelor programmes are structured in their faculty of interest and you support the learning process (e.g. help them with writing assignments, how to deal with course literature and assist in the use of Blackboard and Osiris);
  • You help to build a social network by joining events organized with the assistance of Incluusion.


Participation is on a voluntary basis. Apply now by completing the registration form for buddies. If you need more information you can send an email to:

Apply as a buddy student

There are a lot of students wanting to help refugees, but don’t know how.

Buddy student