Writing assignment

Contact persons

In case of any problems or questions concerning the student's progress, contact the Master's programme coordinator first, or otherwise the academic counsellor. For all other questions or comments, please contact research project coordinators -also responsible for writing assignments- Els van der Vlist (for students from Biomedical Sciences) or Iris Caris-Dentener (for students from the faculty of Science).


During the Master’s programme, the student has to do a writing assignment. This can either be a literature review or a research proposal. You can find all information necessary for the supervision of  the writing assignment in the:

Interim Assessment

Although there is no mandatory interim assessment for writing assignments, it is important to evaluate the work and progress of the student on a regular basis. To analyse and to assess the writing skills of the student, the Rubric for writing assignment might be a very useful tool.

The Rubric can be used at different time points, for instance at the start of the writing process to give students insight in what is expected of them, and how their performance will be graded. Using the Rubric halfway the process helps to indicate what criteria are already met, and which parts do need attention. Lastly, the Rubric can be used during the final assessment to include an explanation for the awarded grade.

Final assessment

The student has to collect the Assessment Form at the Master's administration desk and complete the form together with the examiner. After collecting signatures from examiner, second reviewer or supervisor host institute and the Master's programme coordinator, the student has to hand in the form at the Master's administration him/herself.

Motivation final grade
A motivation from the examiner for the given final grade (for all grades, not just if the final grade is ≤ 6 or ≥ 8.5) should be added to the assessment form. You can use use the Rubric to motivate the grade. Either add a signed, printed motivation to the assessment form or send this motivation to the Master's administration via email. For the final assessment of a writing assignment the Rubric - writing assignment can be used to discuss your strong points and points of improvement. This rubric is suitable for literature reviews. In the future we also hope to provide a rubric for research proposals.

Plagiarism / Ephorus
All written products (essays, reports and writing assignments) will be checked for plagiarism via Ephorus. If you detect or suspect fraud or plagiarism, please contact the Board of ExaminarsThe student has to upload the final version of the report to Ephorus. Ephorus will ask for a ‘code’, this is the email address that is related to the account of the examiner. If you want to arrange an Ephorus account, you can contact Pieter Jan van der Sloot (for UMCU examiners) or send an email to science.keyuserplagiaat@uu.nl (Faculty of Science examiners). The printed report (summary) from Ephorus should be added to the Assessment Form.
If the percentage of plagiarism found by Ephorus is > 10% the examiner should write an explanation why this high percentage is not due to plagiarism. The student has to hand in this explanation together with the report from Ephorus and the assessment form.

More information
More information about assessment in case of confidentiality is available here. More information about the cum laude criteria is available here.