Martijn van den Heuvel

Martijn van den Heuvel (1980) studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CKI) in 1999 at the University of Utrecht. After an internship in functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and receiving his MSc degree in 2004, he continued to work in the field of neuroimaging and signal processing. He received his doctorate (cum laude) for his thesis ‘the connected brain’ on functional and structural brain connectivity at the University of Utrecht in 2009.

Fascinated by the emerging field of brain connectomics and empowered by the view that brain function does not solely result from single regions but rather emerges from the interactions between brain regions, he started a research line on ‘brain connectomics’ at the department of psychiatry of the University Medical Center Utrecht. The goal of his work is to provide new insight into which natural rules drive the organization of structural and functional brain networks, their development over time, and to better understand how brain (dis)connectivity can lead to brain disorders