PhD Career Services

The PhD Course Centre of the Graduate School of Life Sciences offers Life Sciences PhD candidates the opportunity to further develop their skills and competences according to the PhD Competence Model. In collaboration with our career officer we expand our services with career orientated workshops and career coaching: our PhD Career Services.



Workshop Writing a CV and cover letter

In this workshop you will learn what is standard practice for writing an effective cv and appropriate cover letter: different components that make up cv’s and cover letters, do’s and don’ts, how employers select from all the cv’s and letters they receive, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. During the workshop you will start working on your cv and cover letter immediately.

Workshop Preparing a job interview

Do you know what is important during job interviews? How to prepare yourself as best you can? This workshop will help you understand the employer's perspective and how to play into their needs effectively. This practical workshop will help you build confidence for your next application for a job.

Workshop Improving the impact of your LinkedIn profile

Whether you will pursue a career in science or outside academia, LinkedIn is a great tool to keep in touch with your network and to brand yourself online. When you apply for jobs, promoting yourself online is essential. Potential employers will definitely be googling you. Of course, you want to look professional when they see your profile. But LinkedIn is not only useful in being visible online. It is also a great tool to search for jobs and promote yourself online.

Career coaching


Our career officer, Marte Otter, is also available for coaching:

  • Do you have questions about how to initiate your career after your PhD?
  • Would you like to discuss your resume?
  • Would you like to practice a job interview?

Make an appointment in the calendar below. If there is no suitable time for you in the calender, please send an email to