Training and education

During the PhD track, PhD candidates are enabled to follow training and education. Education in this sense is loosely defined and refers to retreats, courses, workshops, journal clubs, seminars, masterclasses, (presenting at) conferences and symposia.  provide this via our thematic PhD programmes) and PhD Course Centre at the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The broad variety of general courses, thematic courses, external courses and other activities offered results in highly qualified PhDs, well prepared for a career inside or outside academia. 

PhD candidates are expected to collect 20 European credits (EC) during a four-year track (or 5 EC per year of full time research appointment). As part of completing a PhD track a PhD candidate may apply for the GS-LS Training Certificate. The candidate needs to provide evidence of fulfilment in the form of a PhD Training Portfolio which includes course certificates, conference attendance etc. The director/coordinator of the PhD programme evaluates the qualification for the Training Certificate on behalf of the Board of Studies of the GS-LS. More information about the procedure and application of the Training Certificate.