Graduate School of Life Sciences - PhD

Prof.dr. A.C.G. (Toine) Egberts
Director of doctoral education
A.C.G.Egberts[at]; A.C.G.Egberts[at]

S.B. (Saskia) Ebeling, PhD
Managing Director doctoral education
E.Ebeling[at]; S.B.Ebeling-2[at]

A.R. (Anke) Hammerschlag, PhD
Coordinator doctoral education


PhD Course Centre

Send us an e-mail: pcc[at]

S.B. (Saskia) Ebeling, PhD
Managing director PhD Course Centre

A.R. (Anke) Hammerschlag, PhD
Coordinator PhD Course Centre

B.W.G. (Bianca) Zomer
Course coordinator PhD Course Centre


PhD Council

The PhD Council of the Graduate School of Life Sciences consists of representative PhD candidates of all PhD programmes. The council advises the Board of Studies on the quality of PhD training and supervision. The chair of the Council is a member of the Executive Board of Studies. The Council meets once a month and interacts with representatives of other graduate schools along with the PhD Network Utrecht (PrOUT) on a regular basis. The council additionally evaluates the PhD programmes annually and organizes an annual PhD day and periodic PhD events based on topics that are relevant to our PhD candidates.

Send us an e-mail: phd-council-ugsls[at]


PhD programmes

All 14 PhD programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences have a programme coordinator.
Contact information for each coordinator can be found on the PhD programmes webpage.