Mentors / independent advisors

Each PhD candidate should have one or two independent advisors (known as ‘AIO begeleidingscommissie’ (Dutch) or ‘supervisory committee’ (Eng) before 2020). This year, a working group evaluated the role and improved the guideliness for selection, role and qualifications. Also, the the term ‘independent advisor’ causes confusion and will be replaced by ‘mentor’ in line with the terminology of the UU.

Currently an infographic is developed to give you a clear overview of the role, qualifications and selection of mentors. This will be published January 2024. Keep an eye on this website!

The role of mentors needs to be viewed in a broader perspective on PhD supervision as different actors – supervisory team, institution, and the institution’s available services – play important but different and complementary roles in supporting PhD candidates. All the different actors as a whole need to foster a stimulating and safe environment that is beneficial to the development of the PhD candidate.