Independent advisors

At the start of the PhD journey, the supervisory team will assign one or – preferably – two independent advisors to each PhD candidate. This is mandatory. The role of the independent advisors is to provide independent advice to both the PhD candidate and the supervisory team concerning the progress (rate, direction) of the PhD track. An independent advisor is a researcher in a field related to that of the PhD candidate, but who is not involved in the PhD candidate’s research project. The minimum contribution of the independent advisors is to discuss the PhD candidate’s annual PhD progress report. with the PhD candidate and supervisory team. They may also be consulted by your PhD candidate at any time in a confidential setting. Therefore, we advise sufficient distance between you and the independent advisor for your PhD candidate to feel comfortable for confidential consultation.

You can download the letter of appointment here [document under construction. Link will follow]. You can use the letter to inform the independent advisor about their role during the PhD journey of the candidate.