To safeguard the quality of the training and supervision of PhD candidates, the Graduate School of Life Sciences introduced a uniform ‘Training and Supervision Agreement' for all PhD candidates who follow a regular PhD track within the school. 

The ‘Training and Supervision Agreement' of the Graduate School of Life Sciences specifies the rights and duties of the PhD candidate and his/her supervisors with respect to education and supervision during the PhD track. If the requirements of this contract are fully met, the candidate will be eligible to receive the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences Certificate.

Note: a PhD candidate carries out his/her PhD project within a PhD programme of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. Please read the TSA carefully and entirely before completion, since the TSA itself contains all details on training and supervision as well as on administrative procedures.

Download here the TSA: Training & Supervision Agreement (2017)

Download here the Self-assesment form: Self-assesment Form (2016)