Fundamentals of Biofabrication

Nine week online course ‘Fundamentals of Biofabrication’ 

Biofabrication combines advanced 3D fabrication techniques with biological systems to create designed tissue constructs, which can be applied for tissue engineering, as 3D in vitro biological models or as medical therapeutic products. This online course aims to provide the student with the fundamental knowledge on the various aspects of biofabrication, including 3D printing techniques, biomaterials, tissue engineering, applications, translation and ethics. 

This course for advanced Bachelor’s / beginning Master’s students with an interest in this topic can be followed completely online.

This is an online course stretching over 9 weeks, with a study load of approximately 10 hours per week.

UU students can register for this course via the Studyguide.

Are you interested in taking this course and not (yet) a UU student? Please visit this website for more information.