Teaching Life Sciences

Workshop for teachers/supervisors: Teaching Principles of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

This workshop helps you to get acquainted with several aspects of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) and to get to know your colleagues. The following topics are being discussed:

  • the organisation of the GSLS;
  • the vision, educational philosophy and the learning objectives of the GSLS;
  • the Rubrics of the research projects and the writing assignment of the GSLS.

Finally, participants will get an overview of the activities that are organised to stimulate the community of the GSLS, such as teacher lunches, education seminars, etc. Interaction is a key element during this workshop and input from all participants is highly appreciated.

Target group:
This workshop is intended for all teachers and supervisors –including PhD-students– that participate in one of the Master’s or PhD programmes of the GSLS.

Workshop leaders:
dr. G. (Gönül) Dilaver, dr.ir. M.E.G.L. (Mieke) Lumens, dr. G.M.J. (Geert) Ramakers, dr. S. (Shirrinka) Goubitz.

Practical information:
Course dates:

  • Thursday November 30th 2017, 9.00-12.45h
  • Tuesday April 17th 2018, 9.00-12.45h

Location: UMC Utrecht

The workshop is given in Dutch, unless there are English-speaking participants. In that case, the workshop is given in English.

The maximum number of participants is 20 (of which max 10 PhD candidates). The workshop will be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants. If the workshop is cancelled, this will be announced by email two weeks before the start of the workshop.

The workshop can be used for your BKO-file. A certificate will be handed out at the end of the workshop.

It is free of charge.

More information and application:
For more information about the content of the workshop, please contact Kirsten Boersma van Nierop, MSc. 
To apply, please email the registration form to secretariatBMS@umcutrecht.nl.

Application deadline is two weeks before the workshop.