PhD Council GS-LS

The PhD Council GS-LS consists of representative PhD candidates of the programme committees of the 14 PhD programmes. The PhD Council makes up the voice of the PhD candidates and aims to improve the quality of the education of the PhD candidates and the regulations related to their graduation.

Activities of the PhD Council include the composition of annual reports about individual programmes and discussion of those with the Executive Board of Studies (E-BoS), organisation of the annual PhD Day and bimonthly PhD events (first Friday of even months). The PhD Council meets once per month with the Coordinator of Doctoral Education of the GS-LS to discuss a variety of PhD business. The chair represents the PhD Council in the E-BoS.

General info and contact

PhD programme representatives

Jan van der Beek MSc


Lotte van Rijnberk MSc
Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology


Gideon Valstar MD
Cardiovascular research


Paul Ormel MSc
Clinical & Experimental Neuroscience

Joline Roze MD
Clinical & Translational Oncology

Hilje Doekes MSc (Chair)
Computational Life Sciences

Guilherme Ferreira MSc
Drug Innovation

Laura Dijkhuizen MSc
Environmental Biology

Linda Vissers MD

Nanette Vincken MD
Infection & Immunity

Remco Bastiaannet MSc
Medical Imaging

Wout Oosterheert MSc
Molecular Life Sciences

Femke Brouwer MD
Regenerative Medicine

Anke Tukker MSc
Toxicology & Environmental Health

The PhD Council - Photo taken during the PhD Day 2017