MD-PhD Committee

The MD-PhD Committee aims to address problems and suggest solutions for PhD-candidates that are employed at the UMC Utrecht, specifically MD-PhD Candidates. All representatives are members of governing or representative bodies or have close contact to these bodies, such as Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN), PhD Network Utrecht (PROUT), PhD-council of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) and the Education and research council of the UMC Utrecht (Onderwijs- en Onderzoeksraad). Thus far, the MD-PhD group has addressed topics such as the CAO UMC and the BIG reregistration. The MD-PhD group meets occasionally and organises activities, such as lunches for MD-PhD candidates in the UMC Utrecht. Don't hesitate to contact us if your are interested in joining this committee, would like to ask a question, or would like to provide us with your feedback. 

Facebook:        Promovendi UMCU 


Sanne Groeneveld

Voorzitter MD PhD Committee

  • Arts-onderzoeker Divisie Hart en Longen, afdeling Cardiologie
  • GSLS PhD programme: Cardiovascular Research
  • Lid van Promovendi Netwerk Nederland, Landelijk Overleg UMC Promovendi

Selma Kaffka genaamd Dengler

  • Arts-onderzoeker Divisie Hart en Longen, afdeling Cardiothoracale chirurgie
  • GSLS PhD Programme: Cardiovascular Research
  • Lid van Promovendi Netwerk Nederland, Landelijk Overleg UMC Promovendi

Fienke Ditzel

  • Arts-onderzoeker Divisie Vitale Functies, Brain at Risk
  • GSLS PhD programme: Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience

Livia Dominicus

  • Arts Onderzoeker Divisie Hersenen, afdeling Psychiatrie
  • GSLSL PhD Programme: Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience

Maarten Huismans

  • Arts-onderzoeker Molecular Cancer Research en afdeling Medische Oncologie
  • GSLS PhD Programme: Clinical and Translational Oncology
  • Lid van de PhD Council

Lyanne Derksen

  • Arts-onderzoeker Divisie Laboratoria, Apotheek en Biomedische Genetica, Center for Translational Immunology
  • GSLS PhD Programme: Infection & Immunity
  • Lid van de Onderwijscommissie Infection & Immunity