Beta PhD Council

The Beta PhD Council (Beta-PC for short) is a council for PhD candidates within the faculty of Science.

The goal of this council is to facilitate representation of all
Science PhD candidates, by providing feedback between PhD candidates in
the different departments and research groups and those PhD candidates that are involved in representation at the different levels in the
university. Problems and issues that arise for PhD candidates can be
discussed here and brought to the attention of governing boards.
Through this council, information and active issues within the
university's boards can also be passed the other way for discussion
and feedback. To this end we try to have at least one PhD candidate from
each research track in this council, as well as those PhD candidates involved in representation in some way.
Some examples of previous/active issues this council has dealt with:

  • SSHU shortstay housing for foreign (PhD)candidates: rental contracts are for fixed periods of e.g. one year and cannot be terminated prematurely.
  • The allocated funding for following both specialized and generic academic skills courses in the Graduate School of Life Sciences has not been transferred yet, which might compromise PhD candidates possibilities to follow such courses.

This council meets approximately once every one / two months. If you
are interested in joining this council, or you have a question,
problem or feedback, don't hesitate to contact us. We can be reached
through the Google groups email list: