Board of Admissions


The Board of Admissions decides on the admission of applicants to individual Master’s programmes after advices from the programme committees.


Prof. dr. H.V.M. Van Rijen (Chair Graduate School of Life Sciences; Faculty of Medicine; Biomedical Sciences / Neuroscience / Health science)

Prof. dr. R.J. de Boer (Faculty of Science; Biosciences / Science and Business)
Dr. S.I. The (Faculty of Science; Biology; Chair Educational committee)
Dr. J.A. Post (Faculty of Science; Chair Board of Examiners)
Dr. S. Goubitz (Secretary Graduate School of Life Sciences)
Dr. J.B.A. Maintz (Admission officer, Faculty of Science, Biosciences)
Dr. P. Krijgsheld (Admission officer, Faculty of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences) (Secretary)