Selection and enrolment

To get admission to a GSG PhD programme, candidates must adhere to the conditions as described in the Doctoral Degree Regulations of Utrecht University. In most cases, this means that candidates must have earned the degree of Master. If the candidate does not have a Master's degree, the Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees (CvP) will decide on admission on a case by case basis. A specific Geosciences procedure is in place, to be followed by the supervisor and other people involved.

Many PhD candidates in the Netherlands are standard PhD candidates (university employees with appointments as PhD candidates). Interested parties may apply for advertised positions as PhD candidate. In the selection procedure, the quality of the applicant is of primary importance. Further information on the criteria and the selection procedure are described in the Quality assurance plan for PhD research, training and supervision of the GSG, section 3.1.1. This document also describes the selection of non-standard candidates, such as scholarship candidates. Specifics on (applications for) CSC can be found on the Future PhD Candidates page.