Master's committees

Board of Admission

The Board of Studies of the Graduate School is responsible for a careful and fair selection of Master's students. The Board of Studies is the Board of Admissions. 

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is responsible for the examination of Master’s students. The Board of Examiners will issue a diploma certificate as soon as the student has submitted sufficient proof that all the required tests have been taken. This Board also decides on deviations (e.g. exemptions) in the programme and the approval of elective courses, and takes final decisions in cases of fraud and plagiarism. 

Master Education Committee 

This is a joint committee at programme level consisting of chosen students and lecturers appointed by the Dean to advise on the rules on teaching and examination and their implementation, and about other matters concerning the programmes of study, such as course evaluations and quality assurance. The Education Committee can be contacted via the email: This mailbox is viewed only by the secretary of the OC, who will forward questions confidentially to the appropriate individuals.