Innovatielab (Van Lier & Egginkzaal)
Artist’s impression of the Innovationlab in the Van Lier & Egginkzaal of the Administration Buildingw


The Innovation Lab serves as a flexible experimentation space for new concepts pertaining to education and remote collaboration. The Innovation Lab can be used as a workplace, independent study space or classroom. The audio-visual equipment experts from the Facility Service Centre use the lab as their base of operations. The experiments conducted there focus on hybrid and virtual teaching, remote collaboration and Augmented and Virtual Reality applications. The purpose of the experiments is to explore further scale-up opportunities to the university level. We expect that teaching professionals working in alliance with UMC Utrecht, WUR and TU/e and as part of CHARM-EU will be the initial group of users.


This project is currently in the definition phase.


The Innovation Lab will be realised in the Van Lier & Eggink room of the Administration building during the second semester of academic year 2020/2021. Now that the location has been decided upon, we can begin refining the concept. A gathering of relevant stakeholders will be held in October 2020 to collect additional input.

Innovatielab (Van Lier & Egginkzaal)