Working whilst studying

International students can work in the Netherlands under certain conditions. On this page you can find more information. 

Work permit

International students who do not have an EU/ EEA or Swiss nationality need a work permit if they want to work in the Netherlands. In addition, students from Croatia need a work permit. Student-trainees do not need a work permit if they submit the trainee-agreement.

You cannot apply for a work permit yourself. An employer must apply for the work permit, so first you have to find an employer or employment agency willing to do this for you. A work permit is always issued for a specific employer. Also take in account the following:

  • You need a residence permit before your employer can apply for a work permit. Note that the application for a residence permit usually takes approximately 2 months. After that it takes about 6 weeks to process your work permit.
  • You are allowed to work either full-time in June, July and August OR no more than 10 hours per week throughout the academic year.
  • The work permit is valid for the same time as your residence permit. When you extend your residence permit, you also have to extend your work permit.

Conditions for all students

  • If you have a (part-time) job in the Netherlands you are required to take out the Dutch Health Insurance basisverzekering
  • You must have a Burger Service Number (BSN in Dutch). You receive this when you register your address at the Municipality

Income tax

The employer must deduct from your gross wages income tax and ‘social premiums’ that provide disability pay and unemployment benefits. In principle, the employer will deduct these 'social premiums' from your pay before you get it. As an employee you will also be insured against the consequences of an accident on the job. In some cases you may be required to file a tax return. Please refer to the website of de Belastingdienst (tax authorities).

Finding a job

Finding a job as an international in Utrecht can sometimes be challenging. TaskHero provides various jobs for non-Dutch speaking students aligned with BuddyGoDutch.