Housing contact information

Finding housing in Utrecht can be difficult and has its own typicalities. Unfortunately, Utrecht University does not have the capacity to match students with listings nor can we find your housing on your behalf. Still, we aim to inform you best we can and provide the information that may help you during your search via our website. Please make sure to explore all the information, as it is very important to understand the housing situation and therefor this information is key. If you have any questions still after reading the information on these webpages then do not hesitate to contact us via studentservices@uu.nl (please mention your student number).

Legal advice / questions

Utrecht University is not liable to provide legal advice. There are, however, several organisations that provide free legal support to students. Make sure to contact an organisation directly if you have any questions about your tenant rights or seek further advice. 

Reliability check

Unfortunately, some people will try to take advantage of the high demand for rooms by advertising fake offers. If you have any doubt about the reliability of an offer you are always welcome to contact us for advice via StudentServices@uu.nl. Make sure to include as much information as possible about the ad, landlord or advertiser, any photos, and the accommodation when you contact us.

More info on how to avoid scams