Housing budget & legal matters

When calculating your housing budget there are several costs and fees you should take in account. Below you can find an overview of the approximate costs of reserved accommodation, and the average costs of housing in the private market. 

Average costs reserved accommodation (SSH Short Stay)

Average monthly rent
  • Furnished room with shared facilities: €425 - €705
  • Furnished studio with private facilities: €950 - €1.100
Additional costs and fees
  • Registration costs: Free
  • Booking costs: €81
  • Down payment: 1 month rent (studio) or 2 months rent (room)
  • Tax fee: 9% over the combined rent
  • End-cleaning fee: variable

For the reserved accommodation specific requirements need to be met and availability is limited. Especially the more affordable options book up very quick. Being able to afford the costs therefore does not guarantee that you can make a reservation.

Average costs housing in the private market

Average monthly rent
  • Room with shared facilities: €500 - €800
  • Studio with private facilities: €700 - €1.200
  • Apartment (e.g. for a couple): €1.200 - €2.000
Additional costs and fees
  • (Monthly) registration fee platform or agency: Variable
  • Booking, administration or contract fee: €100 – €200
  • Agency / search assignment fee: Up to a month's rent
  • Down payment / deposit: 1 to 2 months rent
  • Flooring, curtains, a bed and other furniture (usually arranged by tenant)
  • Municipal taxes: €350 - €400 / year

Private landlords often impose additional requirements such as proof of income or a rent guarantor. Note that more affordable options are very popular and therefore scarce. In addition, there are usually a number of candidates for each room, studio or apartment and ads are not always up to date. Because of this you should take in account that being able to afford the costs does not guarantee that you can reserve the accommodation.

Other costs and financial matters

Legal residence and city registration

If you are staying for more than four months in the Netherlands, you are legally required to go to the city council and register as a new resident. This is a mandatory procedure irrespective of your nationality or purpose of stay. Not all landlords allow registration. This may be, for example, because they do not have the correct permit to rent out the accommodation.

You require a registration with the municipality on a legal address, documented by a proof of tenancy such as a rental agreement, for access to health care, a General Physician, and the Dutch vaccination programme. Because of this it is very important to search for legal housing where registration is possible.