Registration for the Reserved Accommodation Programme for international UU students starting in the Spring 2018 semester opens 24 October 2017. Reservation requests can be submitted from 31 October 2017 onwards.

The Reserved Accommodation Programme for international UU students who started in the Fall 2017 semester is fully booked and registration has closed. Read more on other ways to find accommodation.


Utrecht University has an arrangement with the student housing foundation SSH for Exchange students and new international non-Dutch students who enrol in the first year of an English taught degree programme. If you are eligible for the Reserved Accommodation Programme you can register with SSH Short Stay. Read more on who is eligible for this programme on the Reserved Accommodation Programme page.

When to apply

Registration with SSH Short Stay for international UU students who are planning to enrol in February opens on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 9.00 am Central European Time (CET). SSH Short Stay rooms can be booked from 31 October 2017 9.00 am CET onwards.

You can view and book the SSH Short Stay accommodation prior to your formal admission. Please note that most accommodation that is available as per the Spring 2018 semester is in Exchange residences (for more information see "Rental Periods")

Do not postpone your registration or booking!

First come, first served

The number of SSH Short Stay accommodations is limited and rented out by first come, first served. Because accommodation via SSH Short Stay is not guaranteed and very popular, do not underestimate the run for housing once the application has opened!

To increase your chances of booking SSH Short Stay accommodation, you are advised not to postpone your registration or booking to a later time than the aforementioned dates.

How to register

  1. Registration opens on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 9.00 am CET. As a Student of Utrecht University you can register on the website of SSH. Click on "Register for SSH Short Stay accommodation" for the webform.
  2. Fill in the SSH Short Stay webform with your correct information and UU Student Number. Make sure to select the correct Faculty and type of residence after choosing for Utrecht University. If you do not have an IBAN bank account, please leave this field blank.
  3. Upload a digital copy of your passport or identity card.
  4. Your registration will be reviewed by the Faculty where you are planning to study.
  5. If your registration is correct it will be verified by your faculty and you can submit a reservation request by Tuesday, 31 October 2017 from 9.00 am CET onwards.
  6. If you actually reserve accommodation, you pay a non-refundable reservation fee of 75 euros and a deposit. 

Reservation costs

Registration is free of charge. Only when you submit a reservation, you are charged a reservation fee of 75 euros. 

Types of accommodation and rent

SSH Short Stay have furnished single or shared rooms with shared facilities and a limited number of self-containing studios, mostly situated in (international) student residences. All accommodations have internet provided. The monthly rental fees are roughly 350 euros for a shared room, to 425/535 euros for a single room with shared facilities; a private studio is more expensive, up to 700 euros.


SSH Short Stay offers a range of furnished accommodation at Utrecht Science Park / De Uithof and the nearby community of Zeist. They also offer a number of rooms in the city centre of Utrecht. All accommodation is situated within travelling distance from the university.

Rental periods

The accommodation in the Reserved Accommodation Programme is only available for fixed rental periods. Students who enrol in the Spring 2018 semester can register for a fixed period of one semester: February up to June.

Degree students who newly enrol in February and who register with SSH Short Stay should register as Exchange students for the Spring 2018 semester. Also, Terms and Conditions for Exchange students will apply to those who enter into a Reserved Accommodation rental agreement as per the second semester - including degree seeking students.

Student residence Johanna at Utrecht Science Park. Property of SSH Student Housing.
Photographer Bert Spiertz, copyright UU