The largest share of student housing in Utrecht is provided by private home owners. You can find these listings by searching housing platforms, by registering with a rental agency or enquiring with private or commercial landlords for a place to stay.

Housing fees

Although rented housing is regulated on both local and national level, commercial landlords and agencies might not always stick very strictly to the regulations. There are ways to overcharge rent in relation to the size or amenities of the room, or to charge an unspecified monthly service fee, on top of or included in the rent. Some agencies charge an administration fee or a ‘search assignment’ fee, especially in cases where they mediate for a third party. This is not always illegal and it does not necessarily mean that the rooms they rent out are not good.

Many students -Dutch as well as international students- agree on additional conditions because they like the room, or because it is their best option. In case of doubt, you can have your rent and rental conditions checked by a legal helpdesk. However, if you suspect scamming ( a fake room offer), don’t take the risk.

Housing agencies & platforms

There are several mediation platforms on which private landlords and students place available rooms and apartments. Below you find more information on 'Kamernet' and 'Housing Anywhere' as well as a list of the housing platforms and agencies that are frequently used by students looking for accommodation. Please note that these agencies and the accommodation they offer have not been verified or approved by the university. This is a referral service only. Not all sites or advertisements are in English, but Google Translate can work quite well with translations from Dutch to English. Also check the things to keep in mind and use our list of house hunting vocabulary. 

Utrecht2Stay | The Flying Deer

The Flying Deer is a former office building that is currently being renovated and transformed into a residential building. It is situated at Vliegend Hertlaan beside the water front, in the Transwijk district of Utrecht. It mainly consists of brand new single household studios. The studios are available for rent from August.

All studios are furnished and have fast internet (wifi), private kitchen facilities and their own bathroom. Several facilities in the building, such as the bicycle storage, roof terrace, meeting point, gym and laundry room are shared with other tenants. The Flying Deer has a good connection to public transportation, and is only 15 minutes cycling distance from Utrecht Central station and the city centre. The residence is closely situated to Park Transwijk and a shopping centre.

Rental fees start from approximately 734 euros including mandatory utility & service fees per month. Unfortunately, short stay rental contracts are not eligible for the Dutch Rent Allowance scheme. This means that you must be able to afford the rent. You also pay a registration and contract fee. For more information, check their website. You can view and book the available accommodation. IMPORTANT: the studios are rented for a fixed period of 6 months from August onwards.

Please note that this is a referral service only. Rental contracts at the Flying Deer are directly between the tenant and Utrecht2Stay without interference by Utrecht University.

Logo HousingAnywhere

Housing Anywhere

HousingAnywhere allows students to let and sublet rooms, studios and apartments when going abroad on an exchange or internship. Next to students, HousingAnywhere also allows private homeowners and landlords to post ads.

HousingAnywhere asks a percentage of the first month’s rent as a mediation fee (or booking fee) and only transfers the rent to the advertiser once you have moved in, to make sure everything worked out completely. Another benefit is that you can book the accommodation from abroad. Check out the listings in Utrecht on their website.

Kamernet Logo


On Kamernet you can find rooms, studios and apartments offered by landlords, roommates and homeowners (an app is also available for Android and iPhone). Note that you need a paid account to be able to respond to the listings and the viewings are often in group form.

Besides room advertisements also keeps several useful blogs that could help you on your way to finding a room. Read the blog on types of student housing in the Netherlands, how to recognise a scammer and how to prepare for a viewing. If you have questions about finding housing and/or Kamernet, there is a support office that will answer your questions via chat or mail in English.

Student room
Photographer Ivar Pel, copyright UU