The largest share of student housing in Utrecht is provided by private home owners. You can find these listings by searching housing platforms, by registering with a rental agency or enquiring with private or commercial landlords for a place to stay. You will often need a paid account to be able to respond to the listings on housing platforms and agency sites. Usually, there are numerous candidates for each ad, so responding to ads does not guarantee that you will be invited to a viewing. In addition, it is important to check for reliablity and remain aware of potential scams. For more information on these matters and other particularities of the Dutch housing market read our page on A Number of Important Things to Keep in Mind. For more information on housing fees and avarage rental costs check our page on Laws, Regulations & Financial Matters.

Please note that the websites, platforms and agencies listed below and the accommodation they offer have not been verified or approved by the university. This is a referral service only.

Student room
Photographer Ivar Pel, copyright UU