Reserved Accommodation Programme - International Erasmus/Exchange students (Spring 2023)

Unlike to what you might be used to, Dutch universities do not own student housing. Instead, students are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

Because searching for housing from abroad can be very difficult, Utrecht University aims to inform you of various ways to find housing. In addition, Utrecht University offers a Reserved Accommodation Programme for new international students who meet the requirements. Through this programme new international students can apply for a limited number of furnished rooms and studios. Because the housing is not owned by Utrecht University, contracts are between the tenant and housing providers.

Finding a place to stay is very important because you need a legal residence in the Netherlands in order to register with the municipality and obtain a BSN. This generally required to be able to register with a general practitioner and also to be able to participate in the Dutch covid-19 vaccination programme.

Note that the information on this page specifically applies to students planning to enrol as an Erasmus or Exchange student. If you have applied for a full Master's degree with the purpose to enrol per February 2023, please follow this link instead.  

Important to know

Who can apply

Conditions for Erasmus and Exchange students per February 2023
  • You plan to enrol as an Erasmus or Exchange student per February 2023 for one full semester (5 months),
  • You are new to the Netherlands and currently live abroad

If you have any questions about these conditions please contact us via

Housing provider: SSH Short Stay

Utrecht University reserves a limited number of furnished rooms and studios via the student housing foundation SSH Short Stay. Bear in mind that all housing via SSH Short Stay is very popular and finding housing this way is not guaranteed.

Before you are able to reserve accommodation with SSH Short Stay you need an approved registration. This means Utrecht University first needs to verify your registration before you can submit a reservation when booking opens. Registration is free of charge.

Registration opens:

19 October 2022
9.00 am Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Booking opens:

2 November 2022
9.00 am Central European Time (CET)