About the 52nd eucen conference

Societal change, whether gradually or disruptive, has an impact on what research, expertise and knowledge communities and learners need. Vice versa, with their research, expertise and knowledge, universities have their own impact in this changing world. However, universities still have a lot to learn on how to facilitate this impact and how to implement this responsibility into their core business. 

30th anniversary

With this conference, we also celebrate the 30th anniversary of eucen. We do this by emphasizing and visualising that University Continuing Education is about learning as well as about learners. That it is about connecting researchers on learning with practitioners in learning, about connecting the academic domain with associations of professions and other stakeholders in society, and about adapting university facilities with University Continuing Education needs. In this call, we therefore equally address researchers, practitioners, administrators as well as professionals and their organizations.

Streams and topics

Learning for impact in a changing world highlights the role of CE at universities in enabling professionals to perform in a dynamic societal context to the best of their abilities throughout their careers. At the same time, CE intends to enable professionals to perform in a way that is satisfactory and meaningful for themselves. University continuing education aims at supporting professionals, as well as the organisations they work in. Furthermore, in dealing with a changing environment it is important for professionals and their organisations to be resilient in order to handle the intense dynamics of society and pressures that come with it. The general theme of the conference is operationalised in three different streams for which we suggest - without being complete- some questions to pose:

Given the continuing struggle with coronavirus the decision has been made to change the format of the eucen Conference 2021. Instead of the planned broad conference with several side activities, Utrecht University will organise an online one-day Experts' Seminar, on Wednesday June 2nd. This Seminar will feature a plenary opening and several workshops in line with the streams as announced for the conference. Participation to the eucen Experts' Seminar is free to anyone (registration necessary). The theme for this Seminar will stay Learning for Impact in a Changing World. The event is equally addressed to researchers, practitioners, administrators as well as professionals and their organisations.