Given the continuing struggle with coronavirus the decision has been made to change the format of the eucen Conference 2021. Instead of the planned broad conference with several side activities, Utrecht University will organise an online one-day Experts' Seminar, on Wednesday June 2nd. This Seminar will feature a plenary opening and several workshops in line with the streams as announced for the conference. Participation to the eucen Experts' Seminar is free to anyone (registration necessary). The theme for this Seminar will stay Learning for Impact in a Changing World. The event is equally addressed to researchers, practitioners, administrators as well as professionals and their organisations.

The programme for the eucen Experts' Seminar is now live!

eucen is planning its next face-to-face Conference in Budapest (HU) in 2022 (dates and venue to be confirmed). For 2023 we hope to host the conference in Utrecht, spearheaded by Utrecht University as planned.

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Streams and subjects of the conference