Problems with generative AI

Moving beyond denial to responsible use in education

This article explores the ethical and practical issues of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is important for educators to be aware and prepare students for this new reality. In doing so, it is important to realize what the problems with generative AI are, so that thorough awareness can be created and students and faculty can deal responsibly with this new technology.

The role of the university goes beyond teaching technical knowledge. Students must be equipped not only with the skills to handle generative AI, but also with ethical awareness. It is not enough that they understand how to use this technology; they must also consider its ethical and societal implications. Generative AI carries undeniable risks, from databias to privacy issues and the possibility of abuse. By being aware of these issues, the university can not only improve its own approach to generative AI, but also effectively convey this knowledge to its students.

Ethical dilemmas

Practical challenges



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